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The Critics say : excerpts from articles that appeared in newspapers


«From Abaco, forge of talents - Great inaugural concert
Great opening concert of the academic year of the Conservatory Dall 'Abaco in San Zeno. They gave their enthusiastic participation, the choir and the orchestra of the institute, strengthened by the presence of as many as 270 students, led by the directors Luisa Russo and Mario Lanaro. The concert - greeted by a huge crowd that occupied every corner of the basilica - proposed the two Suites from Bizet's Arlésienne. A score rich in original intuitions that allowed the use of all wind families, including the unusual use of the alto saxophone, to which the melody referred to the Innocent character is entrusted in the Prelude. The two suites were dealt with with the right rigor and respect they deserved, for which the new director Luisa Russo asked for the widest possible participation of all the instrumentalists available (8 clarinets, 6 flutes that not even an Arena representation allows) for test the state of overall preparation. A choice that allowed the public to taste the main features of Bizet's latest production, emerging from the contrast between a passionate expressiveness and the grace of drawing and certain musical images. The Conservatory orchestra has made it especially praiseworthy to highlight the fresh popular spirit of the first suite that pervades the Prelude. The execution of the following Adagietto was also cleaned: a moving page in his declamation of fascinating concentration. "(L'Arena 8.12.2018 - G.V.)

«Elixir very appreciated by the students - La Russo directed the Orchestra of the Frescobaldi Conservatory with an attitude and excellent timing; the execution was very pleasant.
The young singers are excellently prepared. "(Www.Amicidellamusica.net service by Athos Tromboni)

«"Luisa Russo specializes alla Scala in Milan, is a professor in various Italian conservatories, and is known as a professional and last but not least - has a lot of talent" (Dilyana Mladenova - Journal of Vratza)»


«"The next song was the well-known Gloria RV 589 by Antonio Vivaldi, entrusted to the Choir and Orchestra of the Conservatory Frescobaldi. It is the most extreme of the "Red Priests" sacred works and consists of twelve parts where alternating movements in allegro, andante and adagio are arranged not arbitrarily, but in a manner consistent with the contents of the word of the prayer. On the Podium to manage this challenging job was conductor Luisa Russo, with an artistic personality, a commanding air, steady and searching gaze and gestures that were precise and decisive : seeming to be a student of Arturo Toscanini. The Vivaldi Gloria has presented such a fine execution that the public requested a bis a (granted with the repetition of the allegro, and then Gloria in excelsis Deo ).

At the end, as the applause did not stop, Russo rase and called to the front the main protagonists of the performance, the young soprano Alicia Oliva and Anna Vandelli, the equally young mezzo-soprano Rachel Carmello , the theorboist Franco Sartori, the harpsichordist David Vecchi, violinist Anne Carra,  oboist Giovanni Fergnani, bassoonist Fabio Valente, cellist Clara Seven and the choir director Gianfranco Placci . "

(the new Ferrara and www.gliamicidellamusica.net - Athos Trombones 2.11.2012 )»


«"The contribution of the orchestra of the Conservatory "Frescobaldi" in Ferrara, directed by Luisa Russo was remarkable, of high-quality both formally and expressively "

(The Voice - Paolo Turroni 29.10.2008 )»


«"The Year of Mozart celebrations coincided with the 35% funding cut to the Italian system of Higher Education in Art and Music: nevertheless, the Conservatory B. Marcello in Venice, supported by the Biennale and the Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo, was able to honor the famous composer from Salzburg with a surprising Don Giovanni at the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, the result of the commendable collective commitment of students and teachers of the classes of conductng, singing, instrumental and scenic Art.  In spite of the scarcity of resources, the performance of Francesco Bellotto, professor and illustrius musicologist, is full of ideas and emotions.......... As this reading the young performers responded with total dedication .......... The upper level students and almost the beginners, demonstrated promising talent and vocal quality, accurate pronunciation and uncommon understanding of the text. Merit also belong to the detailed concertizing work of  the young and talented director Luisa Russo who for two months, led the orchestra of the Conservatory with a strong of osmosis between pit and stage. Russo lovingly  indulged the singers, highlighting their individual talents and supporting them in their difficulties, a vigorous and flawless execution of exciting expressive tension . Mozart really could not wish for better tribute.

(Amadeus August 2006 - Gildo Salerno )»


«The director Bellotto and the conductor Luisa Russo forcefully shaped the company of singers and the Orchestra of Marcello ............ are some of the ideas offered by the brilliant and imaginative created directing by Bellotto, fully shared by the orchestra conductor Luisa Russo, who has powerfully the company 's Conservatory Orchestra giving polish to the young emerging personalities. The detailed work on the score and the symbiosis between stage and orchestra shows the complete vitality of the mozartian theater, enlivening it with constant surprises and contrasts between bright mocking irony and devastating suffering ................. (Gazzettino Venice 21.05.2006 - Letizia Michielon ) »


«"Happy Birthday Amadeus" is the title of the mini- review of "concerts - aperitif " sponsored by the State Conservatory of Benevento 's 2005-2006 academic year , the orchestral class of Teacher Maestro Luisa Russo. .............. Obviously the program of the concert was entirely dedicated to W.A. Mozart  "Fantasia on themes of The Magic Flute " in a free adaptation by Luisa Russo, all directed by Maestro Luisa Russo with the Orchestra of the Orchestral course.

(The Sannio - 18.02.2006 - Lino Santillo ) »


«Good success for the Conservatory Concert directed by Luisa Russo.

Close to the Christmas celebrations, it is even more beautiful to listen to good music. Yesterday morning at the Church of Santa Maria of Constantinople, was held a prestigious concert directed by Luisa Russo.

(The Sannio - 18.12.2005 - Ilario Santillo ) »


«Great expectations for the "Concert aperitif " that takes place starting from 11.30 at the Teatro Comunale Vittorio Emanuele di Benevento. We will see 54 players,   the students of the first orchestral course of the City Conservatory,  directed by Professor and Orchestra Conductor Luisa Russo. The musician has personally transcribed all the orchestral compositions in the program. With today's concert event we are offered an interesting and exciting overview of the instrumental music used as a soundtrack in the great movie . (Sannio 19:11 . , 2005 - Lino Santillo ) »


« With Luisa Russo interpreter of the Paraphrase of Christus by Donizetti, the theater irresistibly enters the scene.

The extreme flexibility and varied imagination of gestural technique with which the Russo dominates the orchestra, makes the instruments flexible yielding pliable which shows care for every expressive nuance inherent in the text, reveals both its macro-structural and its more subtle nuances . The Donizetti polyptych, animated by Chiara Bonzagni - soprano - and Liudmilla Dobreva - contralto - , vibrates with effervescent life, grows in rich emotional contrasts, and finds culmination in the final Allegro vivace, appropriately rendered as a real opera finale. There was large and enthusiastic audience . 

(The Gazzettino - 20/04/2005 - Letizia Michielon ) »


« The presence on the podium of a female conductor was among the points of interest, albeit the more marginal ones (although certainly not as regards artistic worth) that had been missing. Luisa Russo - capable, attentive and refined - left no cause for regret with respect to the autorithy of her choices and the relevance of her interpretations; indeed, she also demonstrated an involving interpretative sensitivity.  Very well she gave us the precise and convincing collective of ' " Ensemble di fine secolo", featuring in its ranks instrumentalists of proven competence and experience, and on that occasion exhibited considerable ductility of sound and phrasing, showing under the prudent guide of Russo, their ability to distinguish many diverse paths in style and espression, such as to reveal the creative and varied faces offered by this programm.

(L ' Eco di Bergamo - 15/12/1998 - Gianluigi Gonella ) »


«" ...... Spirit and depth - Luisa Russo gives herself to the task with energy and abandon, with angular gestures requiring spirit and depth. Her excellent Ensemble follows her every word. The four songs resonate brightly , overflowing with movement , plasticity and profiles of phrasing (Die Zeitung - Stefan Kinner ) »


«" ..... Luisa Russo, one of the most promising reality among the conductors of  the next-generation and a musician of solid background and experience ......

(L ' Eco di Bergamo - G.L.G. ) "»


«"One can learn to conduct. If you have a great talent and if you have a good Master. They tried seventy boys from all over the world .... Among the best of Gelmetti are also three women: Luisa Russo Venetian, Stefania Rinaldi Naples, Caserta and Concetta Anastasi »


«Applaud successful concerts in Berzieri hall. A week of great music. The large audience in the hall long applauded the ' excellent performance of the orchestra conducted by Luisa Russo and formed mostly by very young boys .......

( La Gazzetta di Parma A.S. ) »


«"Mozart charms in the gym thanks to the orchestra of Boito ..... (Nancy Grossi ) »


«The "Magnificent Seven"  the graduates of the Musical Afternoons ... They cannot hide the experience and mastery of the orchestra, as it launched into a Ravel  somewhat cubist but transparent (Luisa Russo) ..... (The Republic - Angel Foletto ) »


« Very noticeable was the lightness combined with the clarity of Luisa Russo in the Prelude and Forlane of the Tombeau by Ravel , solved with quick dance step, brightly winking. 

( Umberto Scarpetta ) »


« So they do exist. There exists talented young conductors, both men and women. Choosien at the Musical afternoons, where 130 of them were presented, for an internship with Master Gianluigi Gelmetti, they were heard a few days ago ..... The exampke wich best showed the quality of the work done , as well as the value of the two guidels and for the ductile behavior of the orchestra, was  the "Tombeau de Couperin" by Ravel . On this score alternated Luisa Russo and Stefania Rinaldi, and they conceived the score in two very different ways. Luisa Russo, who is Venetian, showed from the beginning a vibrant pleasure in listening to all sides, with a way of telling bursting  with the ability to hear different colors and characters of the various instruments typical of that composer , and with a bit of  light from the venetian lagoon spread on to the soil of France ...... (The Day - Lorenzo Arruga ) . »


«It's comforting to hear that the Symphony Orchestra of Emilia Romagna sounds very good, and that the Director, Luisa Russo has managed, with little evidence, to give a variety of colors and a nice overall coherence ........ .. ( The Day - Lorenzo Arruga ) »


«"In any case the author has imposed its important preparation that the Conductor Luisa Russo at the head of the instrumentalists of the "Toscanini" made quite clear .....

( Il Resto del Carlino - Adriano Cavicchi ) »


«"On the podium Delfrate Carla, Luisa Russo and Donata Agnoletto are very different from each other but united by a lucid, emotional control, and a rational weight that reflected on the orchestra and invited, in turn, to reflection on both the public place of female sentimentality and  a kind of reaction in the opposite direction ........

(L ' Europeo - Alberto Cantu ) »


«"The task of finishing the lovely evening is given to the favorite of the orchestra and the audience: Luisa Russo. An understandable sympathy is aroused by her presence, the smoothway of conducting and her virtuosic knowledge of the piece ........ Her artistic interpretation of certain passages is certainly the most successful: memorable is the contained rhythm of the scenes, of the chilling final scene.

( Delmagyarorszag - Tamas Pal ) »


«It's singular to see on the podium see with baton in hand, a young woman, directing with determination and unquestionable preparation (Luisa Russo performs without the aid of the score )

( Veronasette - Vera Meneguzzo ) »


«"The Symphony No. 8 by Beethoven was surely the piece where the orchestra expressed itself. A best followed by a good mixture of timbre requests by the Conductor : Luisa Russo on her part seemed very solid, with a clear gestures, generous down to the smallest details .....

(L ' Arena - Clare Zocca ) »


«"New success of ' Symphony Orchestra Fidapa Venetian .

The young orchestra, directed by Luisa Russo, gave a concert of music by Haydn , Beethoven, and Schubert in Verona in the picturesque setting of the Roman Theatre , receiving warm applause .

( Gazzettino ) »


«Fidapa puts women at the center of music.

The meticulous and thorough work of the director Luisa Russo we can able to perceive from the very  beginning through the preparation of young musicians ...... The potential of  the orchestra in the pages of Mozart's Night Serenade had  the best results and the determination of the Conductor Luisa Russo was brilliantly argued....

(The new Venice - Clear Squarcina ) »


« Feminine Batoons interesting experience" .

Two young batoons get on the podium of the Bari orchestra, the Roman Silvia Massarelli and the Venetian Luisa Russo, both revealed the "makings of conductors" " well outside of the norm, without a doubt remarkalìble. In an altogether different direction Luisa Russo us with, among other things, most expert conducting gestures. Haydn proved to be compact, thoughtful, with sound balance expressively designed and calibrated, and above all with a clear view of the chronology and style of the work -in short, exemplary."

( Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno N.S. ) »


«"Paradise : two questions and two answers , with the audience in the church empty of chairs, called to follow the singers brought on high platforms on wheels to explore different places and angles of the Basilica until the "Laudate Dominum" by Mozart, drammatically lighting up all the mosaics, with Patrizia Dordi, Elizabeth Tandura, Monica Tagliasacchi, Carlo Gaifa and Natale De Carolis accompanied by a group of "Ravenna in Festival" directed by Luisa Russo, has its meaning in memory, unrepeatably .... ...

(Lorenzo Arruga ) »